Monastery Rules

We ask you to observe the following rules during your stay in the monastery:

  1. Please practice mindfulness in all activities.

  2. Maintain an atmosphere of silence and Dharma cultivation in the monastery.

  3. Support others in their practice by not engaging in political conversations or chatting all the time.

  4. Turn off your cell phone during the entire monastery stay and leave it in your luggage.

  5. Do not hug each other and do not exchange affection as a couple.

  6. Keep the monastery clean and tidy and return all tools and other items to their original place after use. Vacuum and wipe your rooms before you leave, close the windows and turn off the heating.

  7. Smoking, alcohol and drugs are not permitted.

  8. Do not enter the kitchen if you have not been assigned a task.

  9. Do not help yourself in the kitchen and do not take food from the cupboards.

  10. Only eat during communal meal times. Do not save food from meals, instead eat everything you have taken.

  11. Do not keep food in the rooms.

  12. Do not bring opened food packages or leftovers into the monastery.

  13. Do not light candles or incense sticks etc. in your room.

  14. Please dress modestly even in summer: tops that cover the shoulders and stomach and do not have a low neckline, long wide pants (skirts are not so suitable), wear socks indoors.

  15. Take part in all activities on the daily schedule. Sign out from the Sangha if you are ill. Items marked as optional are voluntary.

  16. Follow the decisions and instructions of the Sangha and turn to the nuns if you have any difficulties or questions.

The Sangha wishes you a fruitful stay!